The Silva Master Mind 
Seminar Training 

On Audiocassette 

Based Upon the Book 
"Silva Mind Mastery" 

At last! The World Famous Seminar 
at your own pace.
You can enjoy the benefits of this 
empowering seminar now.

At your time schedule and in your own home.

You will gain an increase and 
hone your skills in.. .

  • Instant Attitude Adjustment
  • Successful Goal Setting
  • Memory Improvement
  • Better Communications
  • The Power of Trigger Mechanisms
  • How To Visualize
  • Mind-to-Mind Communications
  • Stress Reduction & Relaxation Techniques
  • Alpha Time Management
  • The Famous Silva Long Relaxation Exercise
  • name but a few!

  • Special Bonus
  • How to Remember Names & Faces
Be sure to get the Silva Mind Mastery book 
to go along with the tapes, to use as a manual. 

8 Audiocassettes Containing:
Seminar (recorded in studio) plus 
Mental Visualization Exercises from the 2-day Course. 
Protected in Vinyl Library Album 
for your use for years to come. 

ISBN 1-56087-026-5, $79.95 Plus $6 Shipping

Internet Special This Month Only
Silva Mind Mastery Audiocassette Album
And the Silva Mind Mastery for the '90s The Book
Both 94.95 Plus $6.50 Shipping.


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